Dog Nail Care

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Many house dogs do not receive adequate abrasive wear to the nails and consequently they grow to dangerous lengths unless clipped. This can lead to lameness. It is important to trim the nails on these dogs to maintain attractive and safe lengths.


Anal Sacs

  • Posted: October 1, 2008  by Mary Ann   -  
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Anal Sacs ( frequently referred to as anal glands ) are located on each side and slightly below the anus of the dog and cat.  They are in essence and infolded skin structure. Each anal sac has a duct which empties at the edge of the anus.  The sacs and

Proper Ear Care

  • Posted: September 1, 2008  by Mary Ann   -  
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Dog ears are a source of frequent problems. Many dogs have a build-up of wax and foreign matter.  This can lead to ear problems.  Head shaking, scratching, ear odors and sore painful ears are signs of ear problems.  Bacteria frequently breeds in a moist ear canal. Proper ear care is


The Truth About Shedding

  • Posted: July 15, 2008  by Mary Ann Brookes   -  
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When pet owners get together, they talk about both the joys and the trials of living with animals. While the joys are many and varied, there’s one complaint that seems to be shared by all those who live under the same roof with a pet.  The common complaint is one