Proper Ear Care

  • Posted: September 1, 2008 
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Dog ears are a source of frequent problems.

Many dogs have a build-up of wax and foreign matter.  This can lead to ear problems.  Head shaking, scratching, ear odors and sore painful ears are signs of ear problems.  Bacteria frequently breeds in a moist ear canal.

Proper ear care is essential.  Different breeds will require different procedures, but the objectives are to:

  • Remove hair
  • Clean the ears
  • Create a dry ear canal
  • Reduce odors

If Hair is present around the outer opening of the ear canal, it should be trimmed to allow proper air circulation and cleanliness.  Ear powder is helpful in removing hair from the ear.  It contains a rosinous powder (rosin grip) to improve grip and reduce slip when trimming.

Clean the ear with ear cleaner.  Fill the entire ear canal and massage the base of the ear.  This allows contact with any wax or debris in the deeper ear canal. 

Next, remove ear wax and debris with facial tissue or cotton.  In Large breeds your finger can reach inside the ear canal with facial tissue or cotton.  In small breeds the tissue or cotton can be twisted into a “wick” to help clean the ear canal.  Massage the base of the ear again to allow the ear wax and debris to be absorbed by the tissue or cotton. 

You can use drying ear creme after the ear is cleaned.  It is a unique liquid and dry phase ear creme.  It begins as a liquid and then dries to a powder to help keep the ear dry.  This is especially desirable in breeds with long ears such as spaniels.  It is pleasantly scented to help reduce ear odors. 

Swimming allows moisture and foreign material to enter the ear.  Use ear cleaner or drying ear crème before and after the dog enters the water. 

Ear products can be used on a continuous basis, as long as they do not contain cortisone or antibiotics.

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