Puppy & Doggy Day Care

Puppies and some older dogs can require special attention throughout the day — attention you can’t provide when you’re at work.

A puppy needs to feed and relieve itself more often than a grown dog does, so leaving a small puppy alone for too long can be a problem, especially when you’re house-training.

Similarly, an older dog that’s healthy may still need someone to keep an eye out.

The solution: Puppy and Doggy Day Care.

We provide a safe, healthy environment and monitor your pet through the day, giving the same loving care we offer to our boarded pets. You can relax knowing your puppy or dog is in good hands.

Making Reservations

By phone: 724 287-8461 Day care is available by reservation only. When you make a reservation by phone, you may need to leave a message, as we spend a lot of time in the kennels with the dogs. If you get the answering machine:

  1. Leave your name and phone number.
  2. State the days and times you want to drop off and pick up.
  3. Include your dog’s name and breed.

We will call back to confirm your pet’s reservation.

Bringing your pet to Duffy’s for the first time? Please take a moment to download, print, and fill in our New Pet Welcome Form. This ensures we have all the information we need to care for your four-legged friend.