Duffy In 1966 Mary Ann Brookes received her first poodle, which she named Duffy. Soon after, she enrolled in a grooming school to learn how to care for her new puppy. After a few months friends started to ask her to groom their pets. By the end of the year this became a part-time job.

It wasn’t too long after that Mary Ann was working full time as a Groomer. Now she needed a name for her new business. Duffy’s Grooming Parlor was established in 1967, named in honor of Mary Ann’s first poodle.

People started to inquire about grooming other breeds of dogs, which made Duffy’s an all-breed grooming shop.

Next, people started to ask about boarding their pets. They said their dogs liked coming for a grooming, so would Duffy’s offer boarding as well? So, in 1970 the company named was changed to Duffy’s Kennels. Along with the new kennels, a small retail sales floor was added.

In 2001 people began to ask Mary Ann to watch their new pets when they went to work, and hence day care was added.

Now Duffy’s Pet Care offers Boarding, Daycare, Shopping and Grooming services, all in one place. Duffy’s is designed to serve all of your pet’s needs. Our goal is to help you and your pet build a happy healthy relationship.